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First ORNL/JICS/UTK Joint CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Workshop
December 15th, 2006
JICS Auditorium (in bldg. 5100 facing the visitor center), ORNL

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  • CFD Development at ORNL/JICS/UTK
  • CFD Applications
  • CFD Infrastructure
Objectives and Purpose:
  • Bring together all the CFD developers, users and facility providers at ORNL/UT under one roof for a day of talks and discussions with a purpose of mutually exchanging our capabilities as well as our needs
  • Consolidate our capabilities so that we are in a stronger position to respond to any future solicitations
  • Collectively migrate our codes to the NCCS machines through INCITE calls or other available means

Please see the agenda at http://www.cleers.org/cfd_workshop/index.php?agenda=1

  • Kwai Wong, JICS/UTK, email wong@jics.utk.edu
  • Sreekanth Pannala, CSMD, ORNL, email pannalas@ornl.gov
  • Please contact Judy Burns at 574-5493 if you are having any problems locating or accessing the venue on the day of the workshop

Meeting Registration

Please register for the workshop at http://www.cleers.org/cfd_workshop/index.php?registration=1. All participants are requested to register so that we can better plan the logistics (like refreshments etc.) so that we can have a full day of focussed and productive workshop.